Batch #7 is a Patersbier. Brewed in the Belgian town Malle only for consumption by the reverent Cistercian Brothers, it is one of the rarest beers in the world.  Another one of our brews with a long fermentation time of 2 weeks in Fermentation bucket #1, another 2 weeks in Fermentation #2.  It gurgled, and glubbed and gurgled and glubbed for several days during the first fermentation and then settled down enough for us to leave the bathroom door open (after our Cannonball explosion all fermentation and newly bottled beers go in the bathtub).  Today we are 4 weeks out from brewing day and thus it’s bottling day.  The ABV looks to be about 5%, a nice light beer for yours truly.  On first taste it has a nice light taste but I do think we will need to see how the final taste bears out in another couple of weeks.  Will it be true to what they say? Perfumy floral hops (yes they were quite fragrant upon brewing), ripe pear fruit, sour apples (Hmmm- I’m not a big fan of sour beers), spicy cloves, candied citrus and a slight biscuit character.  Time will tell.  Oh and to these we also added the fermenters fizz capsules to each bottle and had one little oops–a bottle broke as Jon was capping.  That is the first time that’s happened!  The name-  Caribbean Padresbier to honor the Cistercian Brothers for who is was solely brewed for.  Pretty appropriate as well for being bottling during the first week of Lent.  Something to fast for?