Valentine’s Day isn’t just about flowers, chocolate, going out to dinner, cards, etc. Although I will admit I love all of the aforementioned, especially going out to dinner!  But, to me Valentine’s Day is….

…Spending time with friends and loved ones over a great dinner having some great conversation, laughing, reminiscing and just plain old enjoying each others company.

…A great chat with family that you may not get to see.  Hugs, love, catching up with each other, laughing, making plans.

…Playing with your granddaughter via FaceTime. Laughing, doing an obstacle course, wearing silly hats, face plants on the bed, laughing, hugs, & kisses, making “royal birthday” plans.

Valentine’s Day is so much more.  Thanks Justin and Susie, Lev, SamWise, Brett, Heather, Harper, Maggie, and Kevin, & Patty and friends for making my Valentine’s Day so very special!  But, most of all thank you to the most important Valentine of all!  Thanks, Jon for all the Valentine’s Days we’ve spent together and for making this one a very special one as well!  Love y’all!

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