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Brown Ale that makes your mouth water or drool as the name suggests! This is our latest brew here at By the Bay Brewing Co.  With dense layers of malt, caramel, chocolate and a hint of Santo Domingo coffee you’ll be experiencing a surprising hoppy character to an English Brown Ale!  At first taste it’s smooth and balanced with just that little taste of chocolate and coffee lingering on your palate.  Great thing is the ABV is a nice 5.38%, making it not so strong that you can really quench your thirst with more than one.

We tried something really different and unique this time too.  On brewing day we were really thinking there had to be something that we could do with the spent grains.  Bread maybe?  So our bottler and chief Google Ninja did a search and low and behold the top of the Google list was a wonderful bread recipe from The American Homebrewers Association .  So while our master brewer brewed that day our master bottler and now bread maker whipped up some bread!  What a delightful surprise when we cut into one of four loaves that evening.  With a nice crunchy crust and wonderful chewy center with lathered our slice with a little butter so as not to hide the taste.  How surprised we were that we could actually taste a little of the coffee and chocolate nicely blended together.  Plus, it’s healthy to boot with all those wonderful grains in it.  Now the next test will be to slice up another loaf on the day that our beer is ready to drink, comparing the taste between the two.  We can’t wait!

Oh and the name… the actual name is Caribou Slobber.  Picture a gigantic caribou thinking of a great drink of something and that slobber just coming out of the side of his mouth.  Well we don’t have caribou in Florida, but we do have alligators galore.  In fact, we have one right in the lake of our subdivision.  So, with a little Caribbean twist on the original name this one is… are you ready?  Baba Caimán del Caribe or Caribbean Alligator Drool.

Next up… a brew and bake day with some of our friends.  Jon and our friend, Kevin, will be brewing our Saison and his wife, Patty, and I will be baking bread!  Oh, and taste testing our Baba Caimán del Caribe brew and bread!