It’s a stormy, rainy day here in Southwest Florida.  Our hurricane party is in the past so today is a great day for bottling our Batch #10- Burnt Store Caribbean Saison 2.0.  This has been one of our most popular brews, so we are bottling our 2nd batch today.  Let me expand on this beer just a little bit more.  It’s a great session-strength summer Saison that pours a nice light tawny-gold color.  You can lightly taste the caramel malt among the other grains.  It leaves a sweet, palate cleansing finish, which I would think would be wonderful if you are drinking more than one type of beer.

What was even more fun about brewing this Saison the 2nd time around is that our master brewer, Jon, has a new assistant on brewing day.  Our friends from Illinois were at their condo for the week so we specifically scheduled our brew & bake day so Kevin could experience the fun of homebrewing & Patty could make bread with me. Of course, our other motive was to get someone else hooked on brewing & baking.  The more the merrier!

Brew day went without a hitch, fermenting time was 2 weeks and our bread, which was ready to eat with our beer, butter and brats that evening, was absolutely out of this world!  We had one little problem with bottling today though.  The first bottle Jon attempted to cap broke at the neck, making things a little dicey for a bit.  He pulled out one of our old, ancient bottle cappers to try but it wouldn’t quite cap the bottle just right.  Reluctantly he went back to the normal capper and everything went well after that.  We are hoping that it was a fluke, but it might be advisable for us to pick up another bottle capper for future use.  First taste of the beer though was better than the last batch!  Nice and light with no after taste!  We’re looking forward to tasting it in two weeks after the bottle fermentation and when it is nicely chilled.  Paired with the bread…..  A match made in heaven!

20160915_2203069-23-16 Addendum:  Tasting day came last Friday!  What a great way to begin the weekend with what is now one of our brewmasters best beers!  It was better than the first batch.  Light, but not so light that you didn’t get the essence of the flavors immersed within the brew.  Along with it we also did our bread and beer tasting.  It’s amazing how the taste of the beer very gently comes through the bread!  Add a little baked brie or just plain with some preserve toppings (orange marmalade, fig preserves, mango chutney) and it truly is a match made in heaven!  These pairings are beginning to become my favorite stay at home event and certainly one we aren’t afraid to share!