Two weeks ago we brewed our 11th batch of beer and one of our bottlers favorite, Caribbean Sweetheart Cream Ale 2.0.  We love this brew during the summer here in Florida because it is so nice and light, but still has a good, bold flavor to it.  It’s not a bit bitter and actually does live up to it’s name with the creaminess of the taste.  We did add something a little extra to this brew just to make it a smidge different. Just to put our own unique Florida living to the taste a little drizzle of Florida Orange Blossom Honey and a scientific amount (a small Mickey Mouse juice glass worth) of Indian River Orange Juice was added to the brew.

We are totally hooked on the bread that is coming out of the spent grains and so we’re also continuing to experiment with our bake and brew days.  This time instead of making regular loaves of bread we decided to make rolls.  I can only say- bring on the butter and a knife!  The rolls were light and fluffy inside, nice and grainy with a great crunchy/chewy crust on the outside.  They make an absolutely knock out pulled pork sandwich!

Brewing day went as planned with no challenges as well as the fermentation time!  It was interesting to see the amount of bubbling that took place when it was first fermenting.  Our pantry sounded as if there was someone with some serious digestive problems living in there!  It did settle down to a nice blurp once in the second bucket though!

Today is bottling day.  The beer has held true to form with a 4.2 ABV and about 130 calories/bottle!  First taste test- light, but slightly bold with a little pucker power from the Orange Juice!  The honey gives it just a little added sweetness and somewhat helps to smooth out any tartness from the OJ but not enough to make it too sweet.  Plus, the addition must’ve added a little volume!  We bottled 49 bottles instead of our normal 48.  One extra bottle of goodness to enjoy.

Be back in two weeks when it’s really ready to taste!