Our Hearts Are Filled…

Our Hearts Are Filled…


It’s been a wonderful, fun, awesome, busy, and blessed 3+ days Christmas/New Years celebration with our MN loves! Days filled with gift opening, Barbie dolls, coloring, the science museum, IMAX (A Beautiful Planet), more Barbie’s and coloring, Cinderella dress up, the Martin Luther Exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, being spoiled by Brett and Heather’s awesome cooking (homemade pizza, fajita’s and a New Years Eve dinner of rouladen, red cabbage and mousse), cuddles on the couch while watching DVD’s, hugs, hearing “grandma and grandpa come play with me”, dog walks, trying to stay warm in the MN cold, adult chats and laughter, little girl giggles and New Year’s Eve excitement, New Years Day worship together, seeing “Trolls”, more hugs and giggles, and a final dinner out together.

But as life goes on our memory making Christmas/New Years celebration is coming to a close. We are going home with our hearts filled with hugs and smooches, love, laughter and deposits in our memory making bank and looking forward to more deposits when we visit our NY loves next month! We can’t think of a better way to close out 2016 and to begin 2017.

We are blessed!

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