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13!  It’s a lucky number in our family and we know that this will be one of our luckiest brews!  Why?  Just because!  This batch is a Cream Ale-again, our most popular beer and one that has been brewed by both our master brewmaster and associate, soon to be his own brewmaster!  All brewing went well, no glitches or surprises.  Fermentation time was pretty much the same as well.  We did notice there was a little less bubbling and gaseous noises from the bucket after a couple of days.  But, other than that it was a pretty standard fermentation time.  We also were running low on our supply of spent grains bread, so it was also time to bake some of our awesome By The Bay Bread!  I will say that the bread tends to get better each time we bake it.  Of course, we sampled it that evening once it was ready to sink our teeth into.  A wonderful chewy crust with a nice light center melted into our mouths as we savored our first taste of this batch.  It’s always fun then to pair the bread with the actual brew it came from- but that will be another 2 weeks down the road.

So, bottling day came yesterday. Because our new associate brewer was out of town until yesterday we had five extra days in the fermentation process. It was also a great day to introduce our new associate and his associate to the bottling process.  Teaching someone this new craft of ours is always so much fun!  On first blush the batch had a wonderful, slightly cloudy, amber color to it.  It had a slight little bubble bite on first taste and appears to have an ABV of about 4.5 and around 142 calories per bottle.  Just perfect for these wonderful FL days.  Our new, soon to be brewmaster of his own, caught on quickly to the bottle filling process!  Bottles were all labeled and ready to go into the cases in record time.  In two weeks we will be ready to drink our lucky #13 Cream Ale!  Oh and the name….

In honor of our newest associate brewer and his wife we have named it Caribbean KP Cream Ale.  KP being their initials.  Thanks Kevin and Patti for being part of our By the Bay Brewing!!