Our Hearts Are Filled- Again!

Our Hearts Are Filled- Again!

To us there is nothing better than a visit with our family!  This time we were blessed to have some time with our New Yorkers.  Time is always so precious when we are together and we are always so excited to see what they have planned for our visit.  It’s always a wonderful combination of just relaxing and catching up with each other, and also some sightseeing.  What more could we ask for than to meet our new granddog and spend time being squashed on the couch by two very large greyhounds, pizza and a movie night, then a day filled with meeting the Queen at Robinson’s Tea Room, visiting Sagamore Hills Historic Site ending with an absolutely awesome dinner at New Chilli and Curry, followed by Sunday worship with them and a church super bowl party!  And of course, one last breakfast together at our favorite Hauppauge Diner before heading back home.  How can 4 days go by so quickly?  As usual they did a bang up job of planning the weekend to make it an absolutely awesome, fun, filled with wonderful and stimulating conversation, times of laughter and just being together.  We are the luckiest parents in the world and so blessed by both sets of our kids!  More memories continue to fill that memory bank and our hearts!

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