Batch #15

Batch #15

Brew and Bake day here in SWFL!  This batch is a new type that we’ve not ever done before-A Belgian Tripel, a step up from Dubbel in the monastic beer world.  What a great beer to brew during Lent.  Not only because it is one in the monastic beer classification, but it is one that will not be ready during the Lenten season, thus one that we will not be able to taste even until after Easter!  What a test of patience on our part.  According to the info it will be have a higher ABV content, maybe closer to 11%.  Looks like our chief bottler and blogger probably will not be drinking this one, but great for the master brewer.  There is clear candi sugar added which will dilute the malt, preserving it’s beautiful golden color and lightness, despite the higher ABV.  We’ll see!!  On first taste it does hold up to the fruity and spicy taste.  It was very sweet at this time, but that should settle down to a gentle sweetness after fermentation.   How long do we need to wait on this?  First fermentation- 2 weeks, secondary fermentation-2 months!  Then another 2 weeks after bottling.  We’ll be back for our finale sometime in June!  In the meantime- bottoms up- we have plenty of other By The Bay brews in the chiller!

Oh- we also baked today, which will be ready to eat later this afternoon!  We are excited to see how this bread turns out.  Will it be fruity and spicy?  Sweet?  Light?  Heavy?  Time will tell!

Update-3/24- Today was transfer day from the 1st fermentation to secondary fermentation.  The brew so far has a wonderful aroma to it!  Now it need to set in the secondary fermentation for 2 months!  Then bottle fermentation for 2 weeks before it can be consumed!  Oh and it’s name- Well we always include Caribbean, it’s a Tripel  and it’s going to take some patience to wait to taste it!  Viola- Caribe Paciencia Tripel or Caribbean Tripel Patience. Be back in two months!

Update- 5/26-It’s here!  First taste and bottling day.  We’ve waited patiently (well kind of) for this day.  First taste- smooth, & semi-sweet. Our first initial reaction can only be described as “hoochie”.  There definitely is an underlying strong taste of the 2 months fermentation that comes through!  Typically our bottling day goes along pretty unremarkable without any hitches.  We had one little oops with one bottling breaking during the capping.  But, we consider ourselves lucky on that! So, we ended up with 47 filled bottles instead of 48.

We do believe that we have appropriately named this brew. As I was trying to think of my creative picture of our #1 and #48 bottles it hit me- we’ve named it Caribbean Tripel Patience. Not only because it is a Tripel, but there is a triple patience to it.

  1.  It’s taken patience waiting for it during the fermentation.
  2. At an ABV of 8.93 and about 247 calories/bottle it is more of a sipping, take your time and patience while drinking
  3. It’s a Belgian Ale, my Aunt Peg went to Belgium one time and brought a Delft bell home for me, and she was the most patient person in the entire world!

Two more weeks until final tasting!

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