Batch #16

Batch #16

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It’s another brew day here in SWFL!  It’s a perfect day to be brewing, too.  It’s somewhat overcast with the sun occasionally peeking out and about 75 at 1:00 pm.  Just perfect to be out on the lanai with the cooker going.

Today our master brewer cooked up another batch of the Saison, one of our most popular beers.  For the most part everything is pretty much the same, brewing wise but there are just a few little twists to this one.  One of our favorite FL beers is the Island Citrus Ale from Islamorada Brewery.  Our brewmaster has thought about adding some citrus one of our lighter beers and since it’s Honey Bell season in SWFL we thought this was most appropriate to try it now.  For anyone that has every had a honey bell I know your mouth will just water thinking of the sweetness of the fruit.  So in honor of FL Honey Bells we are experimenting with adding the juice of a Honey Bell and a Florida Clementine along with a generous dash of Leighton’s Orange Blossom Honey from Haines City, FL.  We are excited to see how this one will turn out!  We even have a name for it already- Temporada de citricos del Caribe (Caribbean Citrus Saison).

Thank goodness we will only have to wait 4 weeks to taste this new creation! Two weeks of fermenting in the bucket and two weeks bottle fermentation.  We will update y’all in 2 weeks on the first taste bottling day.  Until then I think it’s time for y’all to grab your favorite brew!  Cheers, clink clink, slainte, bottoms up!

Update: April 8, 2017: Today was bottling day! We anxiously opened the top of the fermenting bucket excited to see how our experiment worked.  The sweet, gentle scent of oranges wafted out of the bucket and the beer was a wonderful, light golden color.  Upon first taste you could taste a very subtle orangey, citrus flavor on your palate with a bit of the orange blossom honey.  The longer it sat in our mouths the better the taste lingered, without ever becoming bitter!  With an ABV of 5.68% and the light, gentle citrusy/honey flavor this will definitely be a wonderful season summer brew here in SWFL.  We’d also like to thank one of our new supplies from Cozy Lake for the awesome new caps!  Two more weeks in the bottles and it will be time for the true test.

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