Grandpa and Grandma Come Play With Me!

Grandpa and Grandma Come Play With Me!

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Oh how we love hearing those words!  It was a weekend of precious time spent with our MN family!  Our adventure of course began with a routine trip to MOA and lunch at the newly opened Shake Shack.  We were excited to be able to try it since we can never really get near the one at Grand Central Station in NYC.  It was absolutely everything everyone claims it to be!  Being St. Patrick’s Day weekend we thought we would start our celebration early with dinner and music at Claddagh Irish Pub, but unfortunately the wait was over an hour.  But, we were so lucky that across the street was Punch Pizza, our fav pizza place in the Twin Cities.  We were not disappointed!

Our next adventure on Friday took us to downtown Minneapolis to meet up with our son for lunch.  We had not really spent any time in downtown so it was fun to at least walk along Nicolett Mall area and then check out the soon to close Macy’s, which was closing it’s doors on 3/19.  It was sad to see the emptiness of the store with so little left to it.  The era of downtown department stores slowly seems to be coming to an end.  But, they did have some good bargains!  Next it was off to meet up with our son for lunch on the skyway.  We wondered why the downtown streets seemed so deserted, such a contrast to NYC.  But, we soon found out why.  When you have a climate controlled skyway like they do in Minneapolis why would you bundle up in all your winter gear and trudge the streets of downtown looking for somewhere to eat!  Sure didn’t see any Naf Naf Grills streetside!  To our surprise our granddaughter was off on Friday and couldn’t wait for us to come over and we didn’t waste any time getting there to spend the rest of the day with her and our daughter-in-law.  It was time for fashion design, Barbies, Lego’s, decorating for the party, and whatever else you can squeeze in with a soon to be 6 year old!  And it was fun to experience St. Patrick’s Day at a Mexican restaurant for dinner!  Even the waiters had green on!

We always love heading up north for the birthday weekend because it’s just chock full of fun, work, play, do this, do that, go here, go there, baking, cooking, decorating, preparing and excitement!  Birthday #6 was a camping theme!  It was just like a campground with even a tent and campfire!  Kids everywhere playing, laughing, giggling, eating trail mix, popcorn and adults pretty much doing the same-I think maybe a little more eating and adult type conversation!  It was a precious time to see our daughter-in-laws grandmother meet the newest of her great-grandchildren for the first time.  What joy was on her face as she held the precious little blessing in her arms.  Needless to say our son and daugher-in-law went all out as usual for the big celebration and as usual the birthday party was a huge success!

But, our time was not over just yet!  Monday held a little bit of time together with our son and granddaughter at MOA for the morning/afternoon before we had to head to the airport for our flight home.  What more could a grandma and grandpa ask for than some little girl shopping time at Claire’s or the American Girl store, picking out fancy little rings for little fingers and fancy doll dresses, watching her “fly” on the carousel and ride the “roller coaster” with those precious little arms held high in the air?  Giggles, smiles, “one more ride” filled our morning and early afternoon topped off with another awesome lunch at Shake Shack introducing our son and granddaughter to the delights of Shack burgers and shakes!  But, even little 6 year olds wear out and it was time for some R&R for both dad and daughter and for Grandma and Grandpa to think about heading to the airport.

Grandpa, lift me up and give me a swing goodbye!

The countdown is on for our next visit.

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