It’s brewing day at By the Bay!  Wow, it’s been a while since we’ve done any brewing and it sure smells good out on the lanai.  Over Christmas we were in Minneapolis and had a chance to stop by our supplier, Northern Brewer, for some new ideas.  Our master brewer chose a Kolsch and our master bottler, labeler, blogger, etc chose  a chocolate milk stout (that’s tomorrows brew).  So, today the Kolsch.  It’s a pale, light German golden ale, copyrighted, brewed in and named for the German city of Koln (or as we know it Cologne.  The long, cold age period gives is a smooth and clean beer.  Known to be a very refreshing, summertime “lawnmower” beer it’ll be a great companion to our Cream ale or Saison .  “Spritzy” is a word often describing the brew thus it will from here on out be known as “Kickin Caribbean Kolsch!  This will have 2 fermenting periods so we’ll be back in 6 weeks on bottling day!

UPDATE! Bottling day!  Today we decided we’d do a little bit of a “Theology on Tap”.  So, as we listened to our sons sermon from Our Savior’s Lutheran Church on Facebook Live we bottled our Kickin Caribbean Kolsch!  Everything went well with only one little mishap.  Somehow one of the bottle jumped off the counter and onto the floor.  Smash, crash, glass everywhere.  I’m not really sure what it was thinking because upon first taste of the new brew our thought is that it has to be one of the best brews yet!  That bottle has no clue what it is missing by not allowing us to fill it with this wonderful, semi-sweet, already a little fizzy concoction!  But, the rest of the bottle we excited as we filled, capped, labeled, they attended the photo booth and are now getting themselves ready for us to enjoy!  These definitely will be making the trip to MN and SD to share with family!!