This is brewing day #2 here at By the Bay Brewing.  Today’s brew is a Chocolate Milk Stout, request of our master bottler, labeler, blogger, etc!  This is already an incredible brew just by the first look, smell and tiny taste of the beginning cooking stage.  It has a nice smooth, full body but not overpowering, semi-sweet taste. Somewhat reminiscent of a sweet Cuban Coffee! The color is a beautiful, rich ebony.  And this is all before the cacao nibs are put in, which happens in the secondary fermentation.  It’s described as being a “nourishing restorative or as an ice-cream topping”!  Boy, we were stumped on a name trying to incorporate restorative or chocolate or other nourishing in the name.  We decided on Cacao de Caribe- simple and to the point!

By the time it’s ready in 6-8 weeks we will be into the warmer weather here in SWFL so we are thinking it may be time to make some awesome homemade vanilla ice-cream (made with real vanilla from Haiti or Mexico) or head to the store for some Blue Bell Vanilla Bean ice-cream.  Anyone game?  Be back in 6-8 weeks when we bottle and then the reveal taste!

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UPDATE!  It’s bottling day, actually evening, for this awesome and long awaited brew.  I love chocolate, I love stout and on first taste I love this chocolate milk stout!  It’s got the sturdiness of a stout with that little bit of a bite on the back of the tongue, but it’s got a lightness to it as well.  The chocolate is very subtle in smoothing it out.  It came in at a 4.20 ABV, woo hoo! But, just a little heavier on the calories than I would have preferred at 167/bottle.  But hey, who’s counting!  I am excited to try this out on some Blue Bell vanilla bean ice-cream!  Another 2 weeks will be the real test.  Just in time to take on our road trip up north for true tasting by the off-site beer aficionados!