What could be better?

What could be better?

Little girl laughter, playing games, hugs, playing dolls and little girl tea parties, party preparations, the anticipation of a birthday and picking out a new bike! Adorable baby laughter and giggles, army crawling, finding invisible crumbs on the floors, playing with dogs ears and tails, more giggles and funny noises, snuggles, and squiggles. What could be better than weekends with our granddaughters!

Hugs, and laughter. Gathering together for meals filled with incredible Mediterranean, Thai, and home cooked Mexican food, topped off by home baked incredible pop cakes, and chocolate chip/lemon/orange pound cake. Birthday party prep and shopping, dog walks, beer tastings, more laughter, gathering together for the big birthday party, church outreach and 168 palm crosses made for Palm Sunday, more laughter, more beer tastings, relaxing, chilling, movies, more laughter and just enjoying being together. What more could be better than weekends with our 2 sons and daughter-in-loves (my new name for our daughter-in-laws).


Laughter, hugs, relaxing, sumptuous food, missional outreach, sitting by the fire pit, chatting, relaxing, sipping wine, more laughter, more sumptuous food, off-roading in the country, rummikube tournaments, being together. What could be better than time with wonderful and awesome friends!

We are blessed and our hearts are filled.

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