Cool breezes, temperature in the mid 60’s, slightly cloudy.  It’s a perfect spring day for brewing in SWFL!  In anticipation for the hot summer coming up, today’s brew is a single malt and single hop style wonder- or as it is known- SMASH.  It’s a combination of a pale ale and an IPA.  An American Session Ale.  Think about when American Pale Ale was edgy and new and combine it with a new-school single hop, Simcoe.  Thoughts and essence of pine and jungle permeate your senses!  At first taste you can taste the pine and the hoppiness of it.  Which will become even more pronounce as it is a two-hop toss fermentation.  We are hoping it will be a nice light, summery refreshing, kick back and enjoy type of brew with a light ABV of 4.5%.   Just a little side note- I headed out for a run while our brewmaster was brewing and when I entered back into the house I encountered the most wonderful aroma!  I wonder if they make candles with this scent?  Just sayin…..

2 weeks till bottling.  Oh and the name!  Caribbean Jungle Smash American Session Ale!  Be back in two weeks on bottling day!