Batch # 20!

Batch # 20!

It’s brew day today for milestone Batch #20.  It’s hard to believe that we actually have brewed 20 batches of beer, with very few repeats of the same type.  

Today’s brew is a Scottish Ale (yay).  It’s derived from Karl Engebretson (known from Northern Brewers catalog covers, BYO and Zymergy) 90/-shilling.  In between a 90/- and a Wee Heavy.  The 90 meaning it has a 90 minute brew time, during which we could smell the essence of the boozy praline, pecan, sugar and malt.  The hops have a wonderful sweet essence to them and the citrus in the malt lingers deliciously on the tongue.  And the color- a beautiful amber/mahogany darkness that if you are an ale drinker will make your mouth water.   

Since it’s a two fermentation beer it’ll take some patience on this one to wait for bottling day a month after brewing and then another two weeks in the bottle before popping the cap.  Thank goodness for the busyness of the holidays!!!

Oh and the name for our milestone Batch #20- well it has the essence of pralines and pecans, it’s a 90 minute brew and it’s Christmas time-

Noventa Nueces de Navidad del Caribe


Ninety Caribbean Christmas Nuts. 

Update: January 10, 2019

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Bottling day today!  We’ve waited through 2 fermentation cycles- kind of like waiting for Christmas when you have no idea what goodies await!  First blush- a beautiful, dark caramel color similar to mahogany.  First taste- a nice little sweetness that lingers on your tongue with just that little bit of a hit of praline and pecan!  I knew we should’ve brought home some Pralines from New Orleans- what a pairing that would have been!  We even had a little extra bonus and got 50 bottles out of this batch!  2 more weeks in the bottles, a good chill and we’ll be ready for the final taste just in time for some northern company joining us! What a fun holiday brew!

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