Looking for a little something extra?

Looking for a little something extra?

A while back I was looking into various ways to bring just a little bit of extra income into our household.  Considering the fact that Jon was getting ready to “retire” out of an organized congregation but still active in our mission work and Waterside Community I really wanted something that I could do whenever and wherever.  I tried on-line juries, but nothing ever really came of them.  Then I ran across something called usability testing.  If you aren’t familiar with what usability testing is it is a way that companies will see how easy something is to use by testing it with real users.  As part of a panel I will receive a test with screener questions.  If I qualify to accept the test I will be asked to complete tasks either on my computer, laptop, phone or tablet all while speaking my thoughts out loud.  Sometimes it may be a live test but most of the time it is a test that will then be uploaded and reviewed by the researcher.  The purpose is to see where I as a tester may have encountered problems, experience confusion, how easy or difficult the site was to use, etc.

I love being part of a panel of testers.  I will admit I’m not going to get rich doing this but it does bring a little bit of extra “pin” money into our household and gives me a chance to try out some new website prototypes.  I’ve run across some very interesting websites through my testing!

So, which usability sites do I use?  For the past several years I’ve mainly used UserTesting.  Not too long ago I signed up for Intellizoom.  Just recently I’ve become a tester for Userfeel and Userlytics.  I either receive an e-mail inviting me to do a screener test or I keep my eye on the website during the day to see what tests are being offered.

So if you’re looking for a little bit something extra on your own free time, whenever and wherever I’d invite you to check these out!

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