Launch Day!

Launch Day!

It’s been a dream of mine forever to see a space launch. So on Sunday we were planning to go to Cape Canaveral to watch the Space X launch. What a perfect way to end our anniversary/birthday celebration week! Due to mechanical issues it got scrubbed from Sunday to Wednesday. Plan B kicked into place and on Wednesday we packed up the car with our chairs, snacks, drinks, and the 4 of us. Off we headed to our adventure- Disney Springs first for lunch, over to Cocoa Beach and Rn Jon and the launch at 6:34. It rained, and cleared, and rained and cleared and as the sun came out on the beach and we stood their with our binoculars and cameras…. it got scrubbed with 30 sec. Left in the countdown!  Dang! But, we had a blast anyway. So a space launch is still on our FL to do list! 

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