Batch #21

Batch #21



Wow it’s been a while since we’ve done any brewing.  Being retired really takes a lot of time getting everything done.  But, we’ve found a hole in our schedule that gives us a couple of weeks at home to brew, wait and bottle.

Today’s batch is another Smash Ale but with a little bit of a citrus twist- literally a twist of fresh limes and then some dried tangerines.  Our brewmaster is being creative with this one by adding some wonderful Cuban honey to add just a little extra sweetness.  Hmmmm I’m thinking this may be a little bit sweet and sour on the palate.  It’s a 2 fermentation brew but with each fermentation taking only a week it’ll still only be about 2 weeks and we’ll be ready to bottle.  I’m excited about this one since I do love a wonderful fruity tasting beer, like a shandy.  Oh and the name- Caribe Rompió Cítricos- Caribbean Smashed Citrus! Interpret it as you desire!

Update: September 1, 2019


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It’s been a quick two weeks since brew day.  Last week after 1 week of fermentation the beer was dry hopped and our master brewer added some tangerine peel and a bit of rum-Caribbean rum of course!  After another week of fermentation it’s time to bottle.  First blush the brew has a nice medium amber color, not too dark, not too light.  First taste by both our master brewer and chief bottler and labeler agreed that the hops through it in another direction, giving it just a little bit of a bitter taste.  Taste buds are thrown in a different direction knowing that there is honey in it you’d expect it to be sweeter.  The hops definitely balance off the sweetness of the honey taking it to a nice medium balance.  We’ve still got another 2 weeks now of bottle fermentation before our final taste!  Just in time to share with our family up north!  Oh, and the ABV- a perfect 4.37%.  Just right for those that enjoy a lighter beer.

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