Welcome to Rockport-Fulton! The Charm of the Texas Coast

This is why we live in Rockport!

Welcome to Rockport-Fulton! The Charm of the Texas Coast.

There’s So Much To Love About Texas!

There’s So Much To Love About Texas!


It hasn’t taken us long to learn that there’s so much to love about TX! When we first moved here it was pretty much sitting on the patio in 70 degree weather while everyone up north was waiting for the first snowstorm of the season, lightweight jackets donned as everyone up north was bundling up with gloves, hats, mittens, returning to the balmy weather of San Antonio as we came home after a weekend in snow so deep you could hardly walk, beach walks while everyone up north is shoveling snow. This week we’re headed to Des Moines for our annual LCMC gathering and we’re again realizing what we love about TX. At home we’re taking our evening walk in shorts and t-shirts. Last night we had to put our sweatshirts on when we got out of the car in the early evening. We woke up to 46 degrees in KC. It’s 69 at home. I have jeans on already, something I wouldn’t be pulling out of the closet until sometime in Nov. Or Dec. Get my drift? Of course there’s much more besides the weather that we love about TX and there are lots of things we love about the Midwest.  We truly miss our friends and mostly our family, But, we do have cool weather, good food, four seasons and sometimes even snow in South TX.

 Addenum! I have to admit that God was, as usual, so good to us as we visited up north. We came laden with jackets, jeans, long sleeve shirts-just about anything you can imagine for a cool midwest fall. The weather fooled us though- it was in the mid 80’s the entire week with Minneapolis hitting a record high of 88 on Wednesday when we arrived up there! Needless to say our coats never left the hangers, our jeans were worn only because it was cold in the convention center and I never once had to put on my “Yankee” shoes, but was able to wear my flip flops the entire week! It was a beautiful week of warm weather, beautiful fall colors and realizing that this is one of the times of the year that we really miss the midwest. Now, the winters… ok- different story!


There’s so much to love about Texas!

There’s so much to love about Texas!

As we woke up on Saturday morning to the smell of BBQ permeating the air we through open the windows so we could just enjoy what it means to live in Texas and in the midst of a community with a cook-off going on!  This past weekend we celebrated Pioneer Days in Orange Grove, TX!  Our lesson of learning to live in Texas continues!  Hope y’all enjoy our little bit of country here in Orange Grove!  Oh- btw- the judging of the desserts and brisket was truly an experience!  Thanks to the OGVFD for letting us participate!  We can’t wait til next year.  Thanks to HEB for the awesome sound track to the video as well!

Learning to be a Texan- Part 2

Learning to be a Texan- Part 2

Ever since we’ve lived here we’ve discovered there must be something living under the house.  We could’ve swore it was trying to chew it’s way into the house through my “snug”,  under the bathtub in the main bathroom or our bedroom closet.  There was one evening I was scared to death to open my closet door because I had no idea if something was going to jump out at me!  We had no clue what it was but suspected it was either the ferrel cats that roam OG or an opossum.  So, the other day when we discovered a hole dug underneath our house Jon bought a live trap.  We set the trap with some barbacoa and just prayed that whatever it was like BBQ and wasn’t a vegetarian.  Saturday night came and went, no luck.  This morning we hit pay dirt.  In the trap was one very, very angry and nasty looking opossum.  He was not very happy with his new headquarters and even unhappier when Jon took him out to the country to release him.  I was home wondering if he was going to try to attack Jon when he let him go and sure enough when he returned he said that the bugger tried to square off at him!  So we continue to learn what it’s like to live in TX!

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Learning to be a Texan

Learning to be a Texan

I'm learning what it means to live in Texas.

Mornings and evenings are peaceful and breathtakingly beautiful

  DSC_0053DSC_0053 DSC_0053

There are critters I've never seen before, including those that will visit you in the house whenever they want!

Everything is big including flowers….



  and freeways.



Although we can go to the beach anytime we want.

 We will still enjoy some fall colors as we've always done up north!


So as one of our friends has said…" We weren't born here, but we got here as fast as we could!"