As I sit here writing this Florida is preparing to slowly open things back up after our government mandated shutdown since April 3. It’s been a long month at times, but at other times it really hasn’t been all that much different than what our days are normally like. Since Jon retired we generally spend 24/7 together. We do most of our shopping together, exist in the same house together but most of the day we are doing our own thing separately. We eat breakfast, lunch and dinner together. Basically we do everything together and have for most of our married life! So those things haven’t changed at all and it hasn’t been a big adjustment for us in that respect.

What has been a big adjustment is not being able to just decide on a whim to pack a bag and go overnight somewhere. Or to take a day trip up to Disney. Or to stop on our way home from the store for lunch or to go out to dinner. Or to not go shopping together, but to have only one of us going into the store, list in hand. Or to not be able to see our family in person. Those are the things that have certainly been a challenge for us!

So I’m wondering as I sit here what will it be like as things open up. Will everyone flock to the stores because more than “essential” services are open? Will the restaurants be packed with people waiting to get a seat outside or inside where the capacity is limited to 25% of their normal clientele. Will the beaches be packed? How about the parks? Will people come out in droves or will they continue to self isolate, keeping carefully away from others, wearing a mask, still staying home and ordering take out or delivery?

We’ve talked about this at length and thankfully we are both on the same page. Yes, we will venture out a little more. In fact we actually took a walk on the beach last night.

We will continue to be careful about being around others and will avoid gathering, whether it’s one or two or three or four. We will continue to social distance ourselves 6’ from others. We will continue to wear a mask when we are in the store or out and about, other than our walks in the morning. We will continue to eat at home or at least order take out or delivery. We will take it slow, a day at a time, a week at a time until we feel it’s absolutely safe to move into the next phase on our own time.

Why? Because we care about ourselves but most importantly we care about you and everyone out there. We want to stay healthy so that those we might be around stay healthy. We want to help to continue to flatten the curve. And most important we want to be able to visit our family and not worry that we are going to unknowingly infect them!

I’m wondering….

What will others be doing?

What will you be doing?

Stay safe and stay healthy!

Just A Thought…

Just A Thought…

I find it interesting that Covid-19 is taking place during the season of Lent, a time of fasting from the earthly things of life, of leaving the old behind, of learning to do without.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:[a] The old has gone, the new is here! 2 Corinthians 5:17 (NIV)

Just a thought…..

What Would You Do?

What Would You Do?


We have a huge murder trial about to begin here in SWFL.  In 2015 Dr. Theresa Sievers was bludgeoned to death in her home upon returning from vacation.  Her husband and 2 other men have been charged in her murder.  One of the hit men took a plea deal and is serving time in prison now.  The trial of one of the hit men, Jimmy Rodgers, is about to begin with jury selection taking place right now.  Mark Sievers trial will follow.  Read more about the story behind the murder here.

Anyway, this is a pretty big trial here.  It’s a death penalty trial.  It’s all over our local &, national news.  Court TV, Law and Crime  are in Ft. Myers.  Along with Netflix is here making a documentary.   We’ve been following it on Court TV & WINK as the jury selection takes place, which is now on Day 4.  The big question is about the death penalty.

We talked about the big question this morning.  Is it up to us to decide whether someone lives or dies?  I remember a religion course in nursing school called “Come Let us Play God”.  What I learned and took away from that class still sits in the back of my mind.  I’m not sure I could conceivably, without a doubt, decide that someone should receive the death penalty over life imprisonment.

What would you do?