Parma Pierogi’s

Parma Pierogi’s


Yesterday was National Pierogi Day!  There are a couple of things I definitely miss about the Cleveland/Parma area and Pierogi’s are most certainly on the top of the list.  Almost every Friday was fish fry night in our house.  My mom would go over to St. Josaphat’s on State Rd. where the little old ladies in their babushka’s were sitting at long tables diligently making these wonderful little dumplings.  They were fascinating to watch as they sat filling each of them with either mashed potatoes, sauerkraut or prune filling.  They would gently pinch the edges together and on they would go to be slightly boiled.  Mom would always purchase at least a 1/2 dozen of each.  The warm little dough dumplings were placed into plastic bags, still warm.  If I remember correctly my mom would buy fresh Lake Erie perch at the local store or once my dad started working in the Sandusky area he would stop at a fish market on the way home and bring home freshly caught Lake Erie perch (my mouth is watering right now at this point as I am writing this.) Mom lightly sautéed the pierogi’s in butter, the fish would be breaded and fried and there was always homemade coleslaw, something that I just cannot seem to replicate! Our feast was ready and we would sit down to an incredible Rath Friday Night Fish Fry.  What’s even more fun about this is that this continued on into our married life and whenever we would travel to OH to visit it was a typical Friday night dinner.  Our sons still talk about it and to tell you the truth Long John Silvers, Mrs. Paul’s Fish Sticks and Grandma’s Lake Perch was the only kind of fish our sons would eat.

I miss those pierogi’s.  They bring back wonderful memories.  And sadly this is what we are relegated to eating now in the Pierogi department.


Just not the same.  Maybe my brother’s need to ship me some real pierogi’s.

Update: November 11

We recently made an unexpected trip to Cleveland (sadly for my dad’s funeral) and in our trying to decide what to have for dinner on Friday night we decided that in honor of my dad we should have at least a little bit of a typical Friday night dinner. We headed to the church in Parma for our purchase! Same, church, same room, a couple of changes though.

  • The ladies were not there making them as they now are made on Thursday.
  • The room seemed so much smaller
  • They no longer make prune ones. Apparently they are very difficult to make because the filling is messy to keep inside as they pinch the edges.

But, the kitchen was jam packed with boxes of them and they are still put into plastic bags.

And the verdict is… they were just as delicious and delectable as they ever were. As Jon and I, my brother, sister-in-law and our one son sat around the table eating our pierogis and kielbasa we reminisced about our Friday night dinners and some of the other things we all grew up eating. Three things missing

Grape Jelly

Grape Jelly

20191003_1018412I can’t help but think of my Gramma Pete when I look at a jar of  grape jelly.  She came frequently with my folks to visit us and she would always bring a jar of grape jelly with her.  Now mind you this was not a small jar of jelly, but one of those gigantic family sizes. There were only 4 of us so it’s not like we would go through a ton of it.  It wasn’t my favorite type of jelly and I’m not really sure if it was Jon’s, Justin’s or Brett’s favorite.  I never really understood what she was thinking- did we not have grape jelly in our stores in MI or IL, did we need to stock up in case of something, maybe it was a stocking up thing left over from her being a single mom during the depression?  But, we always knew when gram was coming to visit there would be a jar of grape jelly coming along with her.  

Now I must confess.  We always had a good chuckle.  I think I remember my mom and the boys rolling their eyes when she pulled it out of the sack and put it on the kitchen counter.  I think I probably even took more than several jars to our church’s food pantry.  But, it was gramma bringing it.  We all absolutely loved and adored her and in my eyes, even as an adult, she could do nothing wrong.  I idolized her and as many granddaughters do, I had a very special relationship with her my entire life (I pray for the same relationship with our granddaughters).  She was a gem!!  So it was okay that she brought it and we graciously ooohed and aahhed over it and thanked her for it.

Here’s my confession- I always said as I get older I want to be just like my gramma Pete and I must confess the apple did not fall far from the tree.  I find myself taking on our visits to them what our sons and daughter-in-laws and probably our 8 y.o. granddaughter find totally absurd and useless questioning “why did gramma bring this”? Thank goodness I still have a few years with our 2 y.o. granddaughter before she starts wondering.  I know there are eyes rolled and chuckles being had. But, I understand now why she might have brought that grape jelly from the junk store at the corner.  She loved us endlessly, she wanted to bring us something we could use, she must remember how much I loved my PB & J toast when I would stay overnight and it was her way of showing how much we all meant to her, and just in case there was no grape jelly to be had in IL and MI we would at least have some.  So to our sons, daughter-in-laws and granddaughters remember I didn’t fall far from the Gramma Pete tree!  

We were blessed to have her in our lives well into our sons high school years!  So Gramma Pete from all of us… Here’s to you…. I’m sorry it isn’t Welch’s.  I can’t look at a jar of grape jelly without thinking of you!