Stations of the Heart

Stations of the Heart

As I was cleaning out books I came across this devotional booklet by Herbert Brokering.  I’ve been a fan of his for many years and our hearts were saddened when he died in 2009.  I remember first meeting him at Mt. Gilead camp when I was in high school.  His passion was an inspiration for my own spiritual journey.  I remember scouring garbage heaps in Minneapolis with him as he looked for what we considered “junk” but he could envision creating something absolutely amazing!  I remember looking for another one of his books filled with songs, prayers, thoughts.  And so when I came across this devotional booklet, one I’d been intending to use but hadn’t so far, I knew I needed to open it up & catch up to where we are in this season of Lent.  Even to this day he continues to inspire and push me along on my spiritual journey,  touching my heart & soul, putting into words what is on so many of our hearts but we don’t know how to say it, and opening those dark spaces that sometimes take us down into the valley.  Are you looking for your “station of the heart”?